Recommendation for Dr. Jenny Karim Meza, Have pain? Travel to Dr. Jenny

I had a diagnosis of a bulging disc in my lower back causing me tremendous pain. I couldn’t sleep, walk or sit comfortably. Three weeks ago I went to Dr. Jenny, a physician from Venezuela who specializes in Bioenergetic/Holistic Neuralgic Therapy. She used acupuncture, massage, injections, drugs and other modalities to help me. Within two weeks, I was feeling much better and after three weeks I was back to my usual activities and sleeping without pain. Dr. Jenny is sometimes funny but always professional. She is passionate about her work and helping people is her mission. She speaks English very well. If you have pain, I highly recommend that you call Dr. Jenny and arrange an appointment. You won’t be sorry.

Address: 3 de Noviembre y Pasaje Pumapungo

Contact information:  096 015 5950

Recommended by Rod Bass:

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