Paco’s Blues Start of Summer Party, Lirón Lirón, come dance tomorrow

Summer’s coming. Let’s celebrate.

Paco’s Blues is playing at Lirón Lirón this Saturday, October 5th… let’s celebrate the coming summer with a “Start of Summer” Party. 

It’s gonna be a great time and we are looking forward to seeing you and catching up.

Music kicks off at 6:30 PM and goes till later on.

Lirón Lirón is located at Gran Colombia 9-41 y Benigno Malo in El Centro (see their Facebook page at “Lirón Lirón Bar Restaurante” for a map).

Cover charge is $5

Let’s dance.

Saturday, October 5th, from 6:30 PM till later on, Lirón Lirón Bar Restaurante: Gran Colombia 9-41 y Benigno Malo

Pacos Blues:  Lirón Lirón Bar Restaurante: (07) 284 3827

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