Durga’s Tiger School in Ecuador

Durga’s is a wonderful, life changing experience. The environment is beautiful, the food sustaining and the people are wild, loving and genuine. The program is cultivated towards a holistic and whole-hearted experiential learning process, and delves into indigenous spirituality and cosmology with sensitivity and respect. USA

The Yoga Teacher Training is fully booked in October.

Tigersmile: There are still 3 spots open in the training starting 17. of November!

Join an international retreat with students from all over the world to become a Yoga Teacher with international YA certificate.

For more information about lodging and yoga vacation please view our website – https://durgas-tiger-school.com/la-escuela

To inquire about registration please email durgastigerschool@gmail.com Or phone +593 99 280 5875 Cellular and WhatsAPP +593 (02) 237 3864 Home

Quito, Tumbaco Rumihuaico Alto, lote 169, segunda acequia. During all the year

Durga´s Tiger School:  099 280 5875

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