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Like everyone I saw the ad for a new expat health insurance yesterday. I checked it out and I just want everyone to know that from what I can tell, it is more than the ad said, namely it is extensive health insurance coverage in every country except the US and Brazil and there, it does cover emergencies.

It is designed for Cuenca expats and as such it does not cover maternity but it does cover cancer in great detail. It’s 100% in Ecuador and for emergencies, anywhere, and it includes medical evacuation. So, in other words, you never ever need travel insurance again and you are totally padded with care in Ecuador. Secondly that the insurance company behind this particular offer is based on Houston; the broker has been in business thirty years; this does not look like a Belgenica situation. Daniela Cordero is the agent I talked to – her role includes finding us the best doctors in Ecuador who also speak English. She is very focused on that. She also actually knows doctors who do house calls. I don’t have Daniela’s permission to write this – it is written for You. “Worth a look.” Hope this helps. I hope too I have made no mistakes. I am not an insurance person.

Address: Daniela Cordero at VUMI

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