Recommendation for EAT, restaurant

If you are looking for the best Eggs Benedict…. we found ’em! Jaffe and I cruised down the Tomebamba and into EAT this morning and – after complimentary mini-scones with apricot butter (not margarine) and fresh OJ – enjoyed the perfect eggs benedict. ‘Squishy’ (still not sure of the Spanish translation for ‘squishy’) yolks, smoked bacon and superb hashbrowns. EAT continues crafting high end comfort food at Ecuadoran prices. We shall be making that hike for Eggs Benedict at least once a week now that we have found a new ‘home for the Hollandaise’!

Address: Honorato Vasquez 6-45 y Presidente Borrero

Contact information:  099 262 4044

Recommended by Jeff Salz:

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