Cuenca Car Share, car rental, your friend in Ecuador

Cuenca Car Share has been in business for several years now and has provided the expat community with the ability to become mobile with a two-fold service.

First: For non-vehicle owners we provide vehicles to licensed drivers at very reasonable daily or weekly rates, that are far less than what local car rental agencies charge.

If you have been wanting to “get out and explore Ecuador” then join your fellow expats and experience the byways and highways of Ecuador by renting a car from us and save time and money.

Our prices can be very flexible and depending on how long you rent the vehicle, we can offer you free or unlimited kilometers, and we can offer special discounts for long-term rentals.

If you’re unfamiliar with our location, have no fear. We will come to you at no extra charge. We offer concise and friendly service so contact us and add your name to our ever-growing list of friends.

Second: If you are a car owner and have discovered your car seems to sit idle for long periods of time, and you are interested in make some extra cash, contact us as we would love to “share” your vehicle with others. Cuenca Car Share is now accepting vehicles from vehicle owners to rent out to visitors and residents alike. Contact us now for more information.

So, for this coming Holiday, why not rent a car from us and get your key to explore Ecuador

Cantón Saraguro y Manuel Cisneros. Ciudadela Eloy Alfaro. Cuenca – Ecuador. October

Emilio and Joanne: 098 699 5694

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