Cooking classes with Leslie Breen – October, 2019 schedule

If you love food, love learning new recipes, love talking about food, meeting new people and above all, eating…then come and join us for a fun-filled afternoon.

Hors d’oeuvres

More pre-season party ideas…

Tuesday, 8 October

Bleu Cheese Grapes, Scotch Eggs, Fried Hearts of Palm with Spicy Mayo (Really. You’ll be surprised!), New Potatoes with Aioli, Parmesan Crackers


The perfect blend of French and SE Asian Cuisines…

Tuesday, 15 October

Vietnamese Meatballs, Rice Noodle and Vegetable Salad, Banh Mi Sandwich, Cha Ca La Wong (Spicy Fish), Salt and Pepper Squid

Fabulous sandwiches

Sometimes it’s all you want…

Tuesday, 22 October

Chopped Sandwich, Battered/Fried Fish with Coleslaw, Garlic Meatball Po’Boy, Monte Cristo, The Best Egg Salad

All classes are $22, including IVA, and are held from 3 – 6 PM, and include the food made. Wine available for $2/glass.

Email or call for more information and reservations. Classes limited to 8 people.

Cooking classes with Leslie Breen—26 years’ experience in restaurants and catering in The United States and Ecuador.

October 2019, Address given with reservation

Leslie Breen: 098 412 3627

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