Shawarmas, hummus and pita bread

El Jeque is a small Lebanese restaurant, specializing in shawarmas. Come and enjoy our traditional meat, chicken or mixed shawarmas, or if you want to try a different shawarma, you can order the shawarma Cesar, our shawarma Philadelphia or the shawarma Bufallo with a twist spicy that you will love.

We also have falafel, kafta, and chicken dishes, all served with homemade pita bread, tabule and our delicious hummus.

For hamburger lovers we also have a great variety. Try our BBQ burger, El Jeque burger, or our bacon cheese burger.

Try our new chicken sandwiches, a filleted chicken breast in a burger bun that you will love.

We have delivery for Glovo and Uber eats App.

We are located at Calle Los Alamos # 343, and Calle Arrayan, 100 meters from the Ordoñez Lasso Av. We are waiting for you. Every day, from noon, until 10 at night.

Rod Seekatz:  098 436 7127

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