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You may know Jeff Schinsky, you may know me (Mary Wingo) or you may not know either of us! (LOL) First off, we work with expats to find affordable housing in safe and exclusive neighborhoods. (Not the boonies, and not the Ghetto, LOL). We are two very caring Gringo facilitators who have lived here a long time and who have helped other expats find their way in this new country. We were working separately, but then we realized with our Wonder-Twin-Super-Powers combined that we could really serve the fine folks the best of anybody right here in Cuenca. We have the best quality, and in many cases, the best prices of anyone. Okay, You’ve heard it all before, I know! Here is where our superpowers really come to play—We work for your benefit completely—that is, we often save you money right off the bat with fierce negotiations and we always structure the contract to protect your safety and sanity! We look to protect your backside so you are not hit with ugly surprises. In other words, we look out after your butt! Now who else does that?? All of our listings are in places expats are usually most comfortable living, with North American building and design standards (unless otherwise noted) in secure neighborhoods got an awesome property? Drop us a line. 🙂 Need a place to find that we do not have and you cannot wait? All those spaces are very limited we can take house-hunting cases on a one-by-one basis. Contact us today for complete details. We are your people and we are on your side!

Address: Address/Location, Cuenca.

Business contact information:
099 707 2884 or USA 1-325-515-4103
Whatsapp +592997072884

Mary Wingo

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