2019 Novaestrat Ecuador data breach

This relates to an earlier post I had made about deleting data from the website sri-en-linea.com.

I found the following news while searching on the internet for a solution:

In 2019 there was a data breach on the Miami based server of an Ecuadorian company Novaestrat where the personal data, names, ID numbers, bank details, etc. of 20 million Ecuadorian citizens (perhaps16.6 million were citizens, and I guess the rest would be residents/ foreigners?) including children, was leaked online.

Vpnmentor and Zdnet who exposed this data leak, had to contact Ecuador’s CERT- Computer Emergency Response team- to notify them of this breach since the website Novaestrat could not be contacted.

Perhaps the website sri-en-linea.com might have accessed personal data via this security breach incident? Can something be done about reporting this/ similar websites carrying leaked data and having one’s data deleted from such sites? Any advice or thoughts?


Expat Cuenca
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