Paula Carrera de Sullivan

Facilitator services: Assistance with taxes at the City Hall: (I worked for 2 years in the City Hall – Departamento de Avaluos y Catastros – Assessment and Registration for Real Estate taxes). If you own a property (house, condo, land, etc.) don’t pay taxes that you are not supposed to. I can help you paying the right amount (special discounts for Expats 65 or older). My husband is an American, he can assist and fill any communication gaps. I can also help you with: • Finding a nice place to buy or rent (at the right price) • Opening new bank accounts. • Set up your utilities (electric, water, cell phone, land lines, cable TV, internet, etc.) • Social Security Registration • Shopping Assistance • SRI Assistance • Translation of any kind of documents (legal, medical, technical, etc.) • Tours / Sightseeing in Cuenca • Doctor / Dentist Appointments • Caring for your pets/furry family members (Veterinarian recommendations/appointments, groomers etc.) I have my own car, so I’d be pleased to pick you up, and/or drop you off, after we’ve finished with your errands/appointments. (Quick assistance of any kind Is for free) Seven days a week / 7 AM – 10 PM, Cuenca (Gringolandia area) Paula C. de Sullivan / Patrick Sullivan Seven days a week / 7 AM – 10 PM, Patrick and Paula: 098 315 9658

Address: Address/Location, Cuenca.

Patrick Sullivan

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