C&C unisex hair design/hairdressing

“If your hair is unbecoming to see…Then maybe you should be coming to me.”

We do men’s and women’s haircuts, blow dry, keratin treatments, highlights and coloring. We also do manicure and pedicure, acrylic and gel nails as well as make up, eyebrow, lip, chin and all body waxing.

Special offer for your vacation starting July 1st, every Monday thru Thursday:
Hair treatment that seals the cuticle-$8
Manicure, pedicure+blow dry-$15
Facial and body massage-$35
Gel manicure-$10
Eyebrows and lip waxing-$5

Address: Avenida Ordoñez Lasso 6192 y Calle Los Olivos, Cuenca.

Clemencia Vizhnay: klementine-39@hotmail.com 098 814 8902

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