Maria Isabel Arpi facilitator and cultural guide

Maria helps newcomers around the area. She is bi-lingual and was born in Cuenca. She graduated the local University in Business Administration and has numerous English courses including the Abe Lincoln school of Language. She is loyal and honest. She can assist you with many tasks that can be daunting for a new arrival. She can assist locating a place to live (as your advocate, she doesn’t sell real estate). She can help open bank accounts, turn on utilities and internet, negotiate prices, show you the best places to shop, get repairs, etc. Don’t start off signing contracts that take advantage of you. Ensure you get local pricing and understand the culture. Maria did such a great job for me this past year, I offered to post this for her. Address: El Centro, Cuenca. Business contact information: +593 98 950 0823 Contact information:

El Centro, Cuenca

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