Cuenca firewood

Cuenca firewood sale. For your indoor fireplace or patio chiminea: when moving from our old property to our new location we took down a fence made from eucalyptus poles.  This wood is perfectly seasoned for two years, now split, cleaned and bundled in 16″ lengths as firewood. This wood burns beautifully, without any popping or sparks, and offers a delightfully sweet scent. $10/bag (about 20 lbs). 

“Bonfire in a box:” We also have some “fire pit grade” wood, larger pieces mixed with smaller and a kindling kit, $.40/lb. Each box contains the perfect amount of wood for an evening’s entertainment.

We have had special requests for wood for grills or a pizza oven, so we will begin harvesting fruit woods (apple, pear, peach and plum) from an orchard in San Vicente. Prices to be determined, but likely the same as the eucalyptus at $.50/pound.

Kindling: we have produced a quantity of quality kindling for your fires, indoor or outdoor. boxes small or large at $.75/pound.

We offer delivery anywhere in the Cuenca area for $3, regardless of the amount, and we offer volume discounts.

Address: San Jose de Balzay, Cuenca.

Catty Siguenza: land line: 418 5383 or cell: 099 524 1088.

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