Your Visa in Ecuador

The founder of Your Visa in Ecuador, is Beverly Vázquez. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, and comes from a Cuencana family background as well as an attorney′s family. She is very reliable and knowledgeable since she and her staff offer 5 star service. Beverly has studied in USA as well as in Ecuador, which makes her 100 % bilingual and fluent in both English and Spanish, and also, she is very knowledgeable since she is soon to become an attorney herself, since she is in law school at Universidad Católica de Cuenca, and only has 2.5 semesters left. Our main goal at Your Visa in Ecuador, is to offer the best quality of service, since Beverly, and her staff, are very professional, bilingual (It is an English-Chinese-Spanish Office), committed and strive to stand in the shoes of every client; treating each case efficiently, but without gringo prices, since we offer very competitive fees for our services. Our services include, but are not limited to:
1. Same Sex marriage. Since September 15, 2014, Ecuador has allowed same sex Civil Unions, which makes the entire country, and especially Cuenca, a gay friendly community.
2. Visas / citizenship. We specialize in all types of visas, and have plenty of knowledge on how to make you an Ecuadorian resident, and not have your visa rejected.
2. Real estate/relocation. We work with different real estate offices. So, if you would like, we can help find an apartment/house for rent, or help you buy a house, land or a car for your investor´s visa, and we can even do this for you before you come, so when you actually make the move, you come to the warmth of your own house or apartment.
4. SRI Services. We offer all types of services, like filing all forms of taxes, opening your RUC, IVA refund for our retire clients of age 65 and over, and any other SRI related need.
5. Licenses for shop, business or company. We help you with the process of opening any type of business you might like, and walk with you to the entire process from start to finish.
6. Health Insurance. Whether you want private insurance or IESS insurance, we help you with all the enrollment process.
7. Translations. We translate all types of documents (Chinese or English into Spanish or in between) at very reasonable prices, as well as translate for you at any meeting or Institution you might need.
8. Live time planning. It is always good to be prepared, and chose properly who we want in charge when we pass away.
10. Notarial services. We do sales/rent agreements, Powers of Attorney, wills, etc.
11. Opening bank accounts/getting Internet or TV Cable. We help you get any service that you might want into your house or apartment, but we first do our research to get you the best price in the market.
11. Buying furniture and/or appliances to set up your Home. We know where to buy your things, and will buy them for you, so that you are not charged gringo prices, and even bargain good prices for you.
12. Schooling. We help you enroll your children in whatever category you choose, whether you want your little one to get private or free public education. We help you with the entire process from:
• Daycare (3-months old till 3-4 years);
• Elementary School (Pre-k till 9th grade);
• High School (10th till 12th grade);
• University (suggest the best type depending in the degree your loved one wants).

Services we offer: Same sex marriage:

Edificio Pumapungo: Luis Cordero 7-23 y Presidente Cordova, Oficce B-9

Beverly: 097 920 2143

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