Nordica Brewery

Enjoy great craft beer right at home. Blanca de Trigo. Wheat beer – 100% malts (barley and wheat). Refreshing and easy to drink, floral and citrus aroma. 5.2%.

Rubia tipo IPA. IPA – 100% barley malts. Hoppy with strong citrus aroma, tropical fruit flavor, balanced bitterness (far from extreme). 7.0%

Negra de avena. Oatmeal Stout – Barley malt and oatmeal. Smooth stout with an appealing brown colored head, light coffee aroma, silky mouth feel. Approx. 6.0%

Let us know what you like and we can build a mixed case just as you like it. Get 12 x 330ml bottles delivered to your Cuenca home for $27.50

Address: San Miguel de Putushi, 4 esquinas, Cuenca.

Deborah Debas: 097 973 4145

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