Cuenca Bus Sherpa – local bus expert

Cuenca Bus Shepa is Christopher King. After riding all the buses and capturing the routes with a GPS device and writing down all the names of the stops, and as a daily bus rider, Chris has developed a knack for figuring out how to combine multiple routes to get all over town as quickly and efficiently as possible even with the irregularities of Cuenca’s local bus system.

Chris accumulated all of his data and created an atlas of 28 routes and a website that offers the information as pdf, gps, or kml files. Using the website, customers may set an appointment to have Chris deliver an atlas or pick up a payment for a purchase.

Using his experience and knowledge of the buses, Chris also provides custom “workshops” (for 1 to 3 people) that will teaches customers how to get to their particular areas of interest by bus. Perfect for newcomers and tourists, the perfect “Hand-holding” tour–in the nicest sense of the term.

View testimonials from other people who have taken the workshops here on GringoPost or on our website.

Ride buses with confidence with the Cuenca Bus Sherpa:

Address: La Y del Cebollar/Cuenca, Cuenca.

Christopher King:

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