Tax and accounting services.

G & G Associates, Accounting and Tax advice.

We can help with all your paperwork in SRI, IESS, Labor Ministry, ARCSA, Superintendent of Companies and others in general.

We have many years of experience with highly qualified staff that can solve your paperwork in the shortest time possible.

And also, if you are about to start your own business, we can help you with all relevant permits and paperwork needed.

We are located a few steps from SRI branch of Totoracocha.

CPA. Ma. Isabel Guacho Fernandez.
Assessor. Diego Guerrero Romero.

Address: Hurtado de Mendoza 51-11 entre Rio Palora y Guapondelig, Cuenca.

Business contact information: 093 967 8844

GyG Asociados

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