Alex Novikov, computer repair

We have recently relocated from Salinas and we are offering Computer Specialist services to customers in Cuenca. I am a former Russian Army Officer specializing in cryptography, with the expected accompanying solid computer skills. We speak Russian, Ukrainian, English, and Spanish. Do you have any computer problems with which he can help? A short list of some of his key skills follows:

– Remove viruses; install antivirus software
– Restore hard drive; remove bad clusters; defragment hard drive
– Recover information from media; e.g. lost photos, files
– Transfer information to the Cloud (Internet)
– Install or reinstall necessary software and/or operating system
– I can help with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10
– Troubleshoot and secure wifi or internet connection issues
– Install drivers, or install/upgrade outdated drivers
– Upgrade BIOS (firmware motherboard)
– Upgrade computer (add more RAM; replace/add hard drive; replace/add video card)
– Clean computer of dust contamination
– Replace thermal paste

Please call or email for prompt attention:

Address: Azuay, Cuenca, 24 Mayo y 5 Junio

Alex Novikov: 098 358 9163.

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