Astrology and tarot

My name is Georgina. I was born in Holland, but lived nearly 30 years in the US. I started reading cards at age 16 and have practiced astrology study since age 23. At age 19 I started my study in palmistry also and studied with many master teachers.

I also was a psycho-therapist during all these years and no problem is too big for me to resolve, being intuitive, sensitive and clairaudient.

I charge $60 an hour for a full astrology reading, which may include, but is not limited to: natal, relationship, health, career, solar return, transits, and progressions.

For a reading of the tarot I charge $45 an hour.

A combination reading, tarot- Astrology- Palmistry is $65 an hour.

I am also am a certified hypno-therapist and do past life regressions and spirit releasement for $45 an hour. Certificates/diplomas shown on request.

Address: Plaza San Francisco, Cuenca   099 713 0349.

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