Professional facilitator, translator and interpreter

Cristabell Aguirre, native bilingual (English – Spanish) Cuencana, graduated from International Studies, offers professional translation of documents: birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce documents, police records, apostilles, social security documents, college degrees or diplomas, driving licenses, thesis, papers, and academic information among other documents, including the process of getting documents notarized when necessary. Cristabell also offers personal assistance to process visas and cedulas.

As an interpreter, she can help with different needs you may have: making doctor appointments, shopping, contacting internet and cable companies, contacting professional house cleaners, contacting drivers, plumbers, and contacting technicians to help with house-issues among other situations.

She comes highly recommended by her customers.
PS: Cristabell is also a violinist who offers violin lessons to people of any age.

Paseo De los Cañaris, Cuenca

Cristabell Aguirre Saula: / 099 456 2964.

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