Extraordinary Landscape Design and Construction

Landscaping is art, expertise and passion. Great landscaping is about vision and inspiration. It’s about seeing a spectacular, finished dreamscape before a foundation is ever poured. It’s about visualizing living color, textures and tonalities before a shovel touches the ground.

At Espacio Verde, landscaping is about what you see…and what you don’t. It’s about natural beauty, subtlety, and the power of sophisticated landscape design. It’s about knowing when to invite opulence…and where to exercise restraint. It’s about extraordinary beauty and exceeding expectations.

Espacio Verde is about making each customer happy. For now. For the future. For you. Be one of the select few who receive Espacio Verde landscaping this year.

Address: Unidad Nacional and 12 de Abril in Cuenca and at the Challuabamba entrance, Cuenca and Challuabamba


Vanessa Coronel: vanessa@espacioverde.ec 404 3483.

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