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Is a modern law firm comprised of attorneys who have studied and lived abroad, so we know very well the reality of other countries. In our careers we have focused in the corporate area of law, serving domestic and foreign corporations, but also the people behind these corporations. This is how we have gained experience advising foreign residents in Ecuador in various aspects such as real estate consulting, corporate and tax advice, access to health and education, advice on contractual matters, as in any other area that the customer may require the help of a professional. This service not only ensures strict compliance with the law, therefore ensuring the success of any business or enterprise, but is also designed to free you from stress and save you trouble, time and ultimately money.

Global Partners is a Corporative law firm, so you will not be exposed to mysticism under which ordinary lawyers work in the country (charging fees that only God knows where they come from and how they were calculated). No, Global Partners works under a billing system per effective hour of work, which guarantees a fair price according to our client’s needs and demands.

Contact us, schedule your appointment. We will be happy to assist you. Quito: Cumbayá Av Francisco de Orellana E2-107 and Manabi. Anjul Building 2nd Floor. 02 600 1864 or 02 289 5282.

You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Google+ (as Global Partners Soluciones Legales) or in our webpage:

Address: Cuenca: Av. Remigio Tamariz 5-38 and Lorenzo Piedra (2nd floor) (behind the SRI building)

Business contact information: Office: 07 421 3545 / Cell: 098 134 1858.

Martín Burbano de Lara:

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