Car rental

Cuenca Car Share. Have you ever wanted a car for a few days to explore Ecuador? How about for a day-trip to Paute for the barbeque on Sunday or for a trip to Giron to see the beautiful waterfalls? Have you considered how nice it would be to have a car for the week to drive up the coast? Cuenca has many private drivers that charge $10 an hour. What if you could “share” a car for less than what a driver would charge for 4 hours? Cuenca Car Share continues to grow. We have 6 cars in our fleet now, starting at only $31 a day/ $205 a week, plus $.10 a kilometer. It’s easy to get started. All you need to have is: Good driving history or an Ecuadorian driver’s license. If you need a license, we can help you get that, also.

Address: Cuenca, Las Gaviotos y Las Golandrinas

For more information, please contact, Juan Morales:

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