Cheap houses, land, apartments to rent or buy.

Tired of paying high prices in Cuenca? Come visit Gualaceo. Gualaceo is a town 30-45 minutes from Cuenca and it’s called Jandin del Azuay (Garden of the Azuay) Why? Because its Spring weather all year round makes living here a pleasure. Gualaceo is also considered a small Cuenca. Why? because we have everything Cuenca has except the traffic and big factories. The Gringo immigration has not affected Gualaceo yet, so our prices overall are much cheaper than Cuenca. Come visit us and I will be glad to show you around. Our rents prices are at least $100.00 – $400.00 cheaper than Cuenca. Houses available for rent and ready to move in with three and four bedrooms, garage, two bathrooms, courtyard for $250-$350. If you love nature we will find you a house in the country side. If you are looking to buy, we have plenty of houses and properties all over Azuay. We work around your needs, let us help you and our team of experts will make sure you get what you looking for, for the price you can afford. Any questions please contact,

Jessy:   098 412 9223.

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