200th anniversary of founding of Cuenca – events now thru Dec. 5th

 The municipality of Cuenca has planned, beginning Friday Oct. 23rd and going until December 5th, over 100 events to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Cuenca.

The city has published a 31-page guide with an agenda of all the events and activities (in Spanish) online in pdf format; the link is below.  

Among the activities are art and museum special events, lectures and discussions, tours of the Museo de los Conceptos, winners of photography contests relating to Cuenca, and many other cultural events (some online and on Facebook).

Due to the coronavirus pandemic the city has greatly reduced the number of planned activities, but there are still 128 events planned. All but $150,000 of the bicentennial funds budgeted for the celebration have been instead diverted to assist vulnerable groups in Cuenca. The federal government has canceled all of its financial support for the bicentennial celebration.


Ann Fourt: annfourt@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca

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